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Black Womyn Professoriate

How It Started

Black Womyn Professoriate was created in February of 2021 to address the profound need for Black Womyn, particularly Black Womyn in the teaching professions to prioritize their overall well-being. As educators, and servers, Black Womyn can easily fall into the trap of meeting the needs of others, yet neglecting themselves. BWP offers a variety of services, products, and supports to help Black Womyn Professors and aspiring Black Womyn Professors decenter their work in academia and center themselves as self-actualized Black Womyn in order to excel in their personal lives and their teaching/research  careers. 

In Teaching to Transgress (1994), bell hooks discussed the importance of self-actualization for educators through engaged pedagogy. She contended that in order to teach in meaningful ways that actively resist and subvert racism, classism, sexism, capitalism etc., educators must first, be well, and then teach that process to their students through their embodiment of self-actualization. Her belief that "the classroom remains the most radical place of possibility in the academy," is a driving force for our commitment to self-care, self-love, pleasure, and rest. It is because of our attention to ourselves and our well-being that we can effectively and passionately serve our students.


Through our core values, we aim to be a body of Black Womyn Professors committed to loving and caring for ourselves, our students, and our communities. What started as a radical idea is now growing into a community of Black Womyn who are embracing their individual journeys, and striving towards self-actualization through their praxis and in their daily lives.

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Our Commitment 

At Black Womyn Professoriate we are committed to our work of supporting Black Womyn on their journeys to self-actualization. As we welcome you into this community we commit to always:

  • Honor Our Truths. 

  • Share Our Stories.

  • Support Black Womyn.

  • Prioritize Our Well-Being.

  • Love Our Authentic Selves.

  • Live Passionately. 

We ask that you hold us accountable for upholding this commitment and join our official membership community scheduled to launch this fall!

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