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Core Values

What We're About

Our core values are central to everything we do at BWP. We seek to encourage Black Womyn in the professoriate to decenter academia and prioritize their well-being, on their individual journeys to self-actualization. Therefore, in our products, programs, and events we center self-love, self-care, pleasure, and rest.

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"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare."
-Audre Lorde

In recent years, self-care has become a buzzword in mainstream media and society that is probably talked about more than it is practiced. For us, self-care is not just a checklist item for our Sundays, it is an essential part of our existence. Without taking care of our basic needs and prioritizing our wellness, we can become depleted. In order to show up for others, we must show up for ourselves.  At BWP, we believe that our commitment to taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally is revolutionary, and it is a critical aspect of our well-being.

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"Love yourself, girl, or nobody will."
-J. Cole

Loving each other is one thing, but loving ourselves is a whole different beast! It requires a commitment to first knowing, understanding, and then accepting ourselves in our most authentic forms. This form of love calls for us to explore, learn, and even travel to understand ourselves, and the world around us. It requires us to recognize and embody our worth—to take risks, and set boundaries. At BWP, we commit to self-love, because we know that without loving ourselves, we can never truly love anyone else.

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"It feels good, Yeah!"
-Tony! Toni! Toné!

When you think of pleasure you might get uncomfortable or think of taboo images of sex, love, and the human body, but while sexual pleasure is important, pleasure extends far beyond eroticism and physical intimacy. For us, pleasure is quite simply "doing what we love, and feeling good while doing it." As Black Womyn educators, it is important that we have outlets to release the tension that can build up from our demanding jobs and lives. Committing to pleasure means that we commit to getting to know ourselves and engaging in the things that we enjoy by any means necessary.

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Rest your mind, calm your heart.

When we talk about rest, we are not just talking about sleeping (although sleep is critical to our well-being). We are also talking about taking breaks, knowing how to manage our energy, and at times stepping away from what can feel like our most pressing commitments. All things that grow experience resting periods, and we should be no different. Committing to rest means that we are attentive and proactive when it comes to giving our minds, bodies, and spirits adequate time to be still and rest.


The Worthy Womyn Box

Do you need help prioritizing self-care, self-love, pleasure, or rest? If so, we encourage you to join the community and purchase our Worthy Womyn Box to help you focus on YOU!

We Promote Career Success

Helping You Live a Self-Actualized Lifestyle

At BWP while we center self-care, self-love, pleasure, and rest, we also recognize that career success can be an important part of one's self-actualization journey. Therefore, in addition to our wellness supports, we offer services to help Black Womyn Professors and aspiring professors advance in their careers. If you need assistance in your academic journey or have a question about graduate school, the professoriate, or anything between, book one of our services and have all of your questions answered!

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