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Our Programs

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

"Be Well" Retreats

Retreat Dates will be Announced Soon!

As educators, we work hard to pour into others and transform the world we live in through the sharing of information, knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement. It's time that we pour back into ourselves! Through our carefully curated "Be Well Retreats" we will travel to domestic and international locations to be in community with each other, engage in wellness practices, and enjoy all of the beautiful luxuries life has to offer. Our next retreat will take place in Reykjavík, Iceland! If you are interested in attending a retreat where you will be encouraged to explore, rest, relax, reset, and enjoy yourself, this is the retreat for you! If you are interested, sign up for our email list so you are the first to find out all the details!

Image by Nathana Rebouças

B.W.P. Lounge

Relaunching Soon!

Black Womyn Professoriate, creates the space for intimate conversations on issues peaining to Black Womyn in academia. We started building our community on the Clubhouse app with the B.W.P. Lounge in 2021. There we held space for Black womyn in academia and adjacent to it to share our stories and support each other in our self actualization journeys. Since then, we have continued to seek out ways to provoke and engage in discussions with esteemed panelists from across different areas of the academy and beyond. The B.W.P. Lounge is currently on hiatus, but be sure to sign-up for our email list to stay updated on our return! 

Happy Friends

B.W.P. Connect

It's the Community for me!

B.W.P. Connect is our official membership community in which we collectively engage in femtorship, wellness activities/events, and collaborative work virtually and in person. Our Membership portal will officially open in Fall 2023, but you can sign up for the waitlist now to receive a discount on your annual membership fee!

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