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The Worthy Womyn Box

The Semester Box for Black Womyn. By Black Womyn.

Do you need a little pick-me-up at the start of each semester? Do you struggle to find ways to engage in self-care, self-love, pleasure, and rest in the midst of your teaching and job responsibilities? Well, look no further, our Worthy Womyn semester box was created just for you.

At BWP we know the importance of loving on and taking care of yourself, so we created a tri-annual gift box to help you do just that! The Worthy Womyn Box is designed with Black Womyn Educators in mind and it is packed with items to help you start each semester with a bang! Each box includes at least 4-8 luxury products from Black and Womyn-Owned Businesses and is packed with freebies including a semester playlist, a magazine, and exclusive BWP merch! 

Flower Box

What's Inside?

Each box includes:

Journal or Planner Product

Deluxe Snack or Beverage

Discounts and Coupon Codes

Semester Magazine

2+ Hours Digital Playlist

Exclusive B.W.P. Merchandise

4-8 High Quality Products to Encourage Self-Care, Self-Love, Pleasure and Rest

Tons of Freebies!

Give Black Womyn Their Flowers

The theme of the current semester box is:



As BWP, we do a lot. We wear so many different hats, and we do it all with grace, class, and style. So if no one else has told you lately, you deserve to be celebrated!

This box offers  an array of products and gifts to help us prioritize our wellness. Order now to secure your specially curated box and receive it delivered to your door right when you need it most!

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